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Here you’ll discover all the attractions, events and landmarks that Rutland County has to offer. With 27 unique towns spanning the Rutland Region along with an abundance of breathtaking natural areas, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a resident of the county looking for a new hiking trail to explore or a visitor planning your upcoming Vermont adventure, you can find it with our interactive map and calendar of events.

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Our interactive map can help you plan your adventure! Find the attractions you’re looking for along with the public transit routes to get you there and pinpoint other areas of interest along the way.
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Parks and Outdoor Recreations in Rutland

Vermont is known for its bountiful forests and ecologically diverse waterways. In Rutland County, you’ll find some of the best outdoor spots the state has to offer. From state parks to protected natural areas to family recreation parks, there is no shortage of outdoor fun in the region.


Hikers of all levels will find their perfect trails for an outdoor adventure. Test your stamina on rugged mountain trails or enjoy a peaceful guided nature walk. Near West Haven, The Nature Conservancy protects several natural areas showcasing unique wildlife and rare or uncommon plants. For example, the Helen W. Buckner Memorial Natural Area at Bald Mountain is home to peregrine falcons, snakes, and Vermont’s only native lizard species.
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Skiing and Snowboarding

In the winter season, the mountain ranges of Rutland County offer legendary ski runs boasting as much as 25 feet of natural snow each winter.
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Rutland RAMP - Skiing and Snowboarding


Find thrilling mountain biking tracks or gravel and paved trails to plan your perfect ride through Rutland County. The open meadows and quaint goat farms lining the Delaware and Hudson Line Rail Trail offer a particularly serene backdrop for a weekend ride.
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Fishing and Boating

Rutland County is home to the largest lake contained within Vermont’s borders, Lake Bomoseen, along with several other lakes, rivers and ponds offering fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking and canoeing.
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Rutland RAMP Fishing
From immersive historical experiences to unforgettable hiking trails, there is so much to discover in Rutland County.
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Public Transportation Routes in Rutland

Public Transportation Routes in Rutland

Traveling by car, you can explore a variety of scenic routes and highways connecting the communities of Rutland County. There are also intercity bus lines including The Bus operated by Marble Valley Regional Transit District, which connects Rutland, Mendon, Fair Haven, Killington, and Manchester.
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Discover Venues and Landmarks

Deep in the heart of Vermont, lies Rutland County. A land rich with history and teeming with natural beauty. From majestic mountains to pristine lakes, this region has something for everyone.


Find everything from fine dining to fast casual cuisine throughout the local restaurants of Rutland County. Along with a great selection of restaurants, you can also savor local flavors at area farmers’ markets.
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Wineries and Breweries

Discover the viticulture of Vermont at Neshobe River Winery in Brandon or at wine shops and tasting rooms throughout the county. More of a beer lover? Stop by Rutland Beer Works, Red Clover Ale Co., or Foley Brothers Brewing for a locally-produced pint.
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Arts and Music

Brandon has been dubbed the “Art and Soul” of Vermont, but it’s only one of several places in Rutland County to explore the arts and music scene. Discover film festivals, museums and galleries, folk and bluegrass concerts, and much more throughout the Rutland Region.
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Historic Landmarks

Covered bridges, historical buildings, and notable landmarks abound in Rutland County. With the earliest European settlements dating back to the late 1600s, you’ll find a wide range of historical areas of interest to discover.
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Rutland RAMP Historical Landmarks
From immersive historical experiences to unforgettable hiking trails, there is so much to discover in Rutland County.
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Rutland RAMP Calendar of Events

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Along with unique attractions, there are plenty of special annual and ongoing events happening throughout Rutland County. Take a look at our calendar to plan accordingly.
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RAMP - Rutland Regional Asset Mapping Project was launched by the Rutland Regional Planning Commission with a mission to connect the diverse communities of Rutland County, connecting both residents and visitors to the amazing sights, events, and attractions that line the region. Learn more about this growing project here.
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Funding for this project made possible through an award from the Municipal Grant Program, administered by the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development.